Symphony Orchestra Blogs

Symphony Orchestra Blogs - Symphony Orchestra Blogs

The blogs on this list provide valuable information on orchestras in the UK and give insights into upcoming shows and major orchestras in the UK. Follow any of these blogs to stay up to date on symphony orchestras throughout the UK.

London Symphony Orchestra –

London Symphony Orchestra Blog is the dedicated blog of the London Symphony orchestra, which performs over 120 concerts each at the Barbican Centre in London and around the world. They provide blog posts on their main musicians and soloists with interviews and detailed information on the orchestra.

The Bournemouth Orchestra Blog –

The Bournemouth Orchestra Blog provides news, reviews and interviews with leading symphonic orchestra leaders in the UK. They release interesting posts about what it means to be an orchestra and serve their whole region with classical performances.

Their mission is to work beyond the concert hall and give a behind-the-scenes insight into the everyday operation of orchestras.

English Symphony Orchestra –

English Symphony Orchestra Blog is a blog dedicated to detailing the ongoing efforts of the orchestra and provides up-to-date information on their members and performances. The blog also details the history of how the orchestra started with founder William Boughton members of the Midlands Radio Orchestra in 1976.

Planet Hugill –

Planet Hugill is a London-based classical music blog written by composer and singer Robert Hugill. The blog provides details on music news, opera, concerts and album reviews. This is the best blog to find out about opera concerts and live performance previews of the UK.

Follow any of these blogs to stay up to date on the latest news on orchestras and classical music in the United Kingdom.