Popular Opera and Classical Music Themed Slot Games

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Classical music concerts and opera performances have long been hosted at casinos providing even more entertainment for gamblers. When visiting a casino, you will most likely hear classical music playing, which provides the players with a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Win real cash in style by listening to some classical music. You can grab free spins at Karamba Casino while playing online slot games with exquisite classical music and opera themes in the background. Some of the most enjoyable games inspired by classical and opera music are detailed below.

Royal Masquerade

The Royal Masquerade is a popular slot game among fans of masked baroque balls. This slot game is focused on baroque balls taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Venice. The game provides a great selection of classical music that fits in perfectly well with the theme of the game.

The game has 5 reels and provides the chance of getting up to 20 free spins when triggering scatter symbols.

Imperial Opera

The Imperial Opera video slot game has a focus on Chinese folklore with traditional symbols and opera music. The game is set in the imaginary imperial opera house and provides a great feel towards opera houses and symphonic music.

The symbols on the game have traditional and redesigned cards and also showcase opera music performers on stage. The game has 3 rows and 20 paylines, free spins, synchronising reels, and wild symbols.

Phantom of The Opera

The Phantom of The Opera has played a significant role in gambling ever since the first novel was published. Since the book has been published, the story has been worked into various mechanical and online slot machines.

The phantom of the opera is one of the most popular slot games with a theme of opera music, providing many bonus features and an exciting atmosphere with music.