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Salomon Orchestra Magazine is a reliable resource for learning more about some of the most well-received orchestra concerts, reviews, upcoming concerts, and more.

The UK has always had a passion for orchestral music and watching symphony concerts. Throughout the country, there are various concerts to attend with a great atmosphere and talented musicians giving excellent performances. We strive to keep all our readers up-to-date on the latest performances and concerts happening throughout the UK.

Symphony Orchestras

Symphony orchestras have some of the most versatile musicians performing professionally with string, bow, percussive, and wind instruments.

There are over 40 symphony orchestras in the UK which are gaining popularity with people of all ages. We provide information on all the major symphony orchestras in the UK and where they perform.

With the UK having many world-renowned orchestras performing internationally, there are a lot of performances to watch and indulge in for great entertainment.

Events and Concerts

Events and Concerts - About

Various events and concerts are happening in the UK, which is detailed in full here with information on when some of the most anticipated shows are happening and the songs which will be performed.

Events and concerts of classical music stand as one of the most loved sources of entertainment in Britain and are performed by world-renowned orchestras.

Rehearsals and Repertoire

For musicians getting into orchestral classical music, it’s important to learn about how large orchestras rehearse for performances. We provide advice on how to rehearse at home when getting started with orchestral music, as well as advanced tips for rehearsing.

Repertoires are one of the most important factors in learning orchestral music. It stands as the collection of songs that a musician can play. Building up a repertoire of songs that are frequently played by orchestras are important to improve your skills.